Thursday, May 15, 2008

Real Estate Investing

Due Diligence Checklist on Real Property:
(Good list found at: )

  • Title Report

  • Inspection

  • Multiple Appraisals

  • County Assessment

  • Motives for selling property

  • Water rights

  • Rental History + Leases

  • Utilities History

  • Tax Returns last 3 yrs

  • Zoning

  • Economic direction of neighborhood

  • Crime

  • Talking with neighbors

  • Production of illegal drugs inspection

  • Electrical and plumbing

  • And of course much more….

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Posting from Cary Valerio, C.E.O. of Valerio Investments and Bray-Conn Inc. on the topic Real Estate: 30 Year Mortgages and Asher Institute Report.


  1. Real estate investing is the best business where we can earn nice income with in a short interval of time.

  2. I lovereal estate investing. It is one of the few investments where leverage is the norm. One of the other posts stated that the market should turn around in the next couple of years and have a modest 3% appreciation. Well 3% appreciation of a property where you put 10% down is a 30% return on your investment. Not a bad return considering this is based on moderate appreciation and in reality, I try to structure my real estate investments with less than 10% down (I still insist on them cash flowing).



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