Thursday, August 21, 2008

Is Now a Good Time To Do Some Real Estate Investing Overseas?

What should you look for in an overseas property investment? Now that investing in property in our economy has become a risky venture in itself, maybe it’s time to look overseas. I’ve heard that it is a drawn out process (also mentioned in the article) and don’t know if it is worth the hassle. Does anyone have any thoughts or is currently contemplating investing overseas?


  1. Now is a great time to invest in coastal properties in Central America. Particularly in Panama and Honduras. Costa Rica is a little pricey for the investor looking for appreciation.

  2. Yeah mon! go check out my country the "Bahamas". On my Island of Spanish Wells the real estate there is insane! Only about 10 years ago, raw land was selling about $4-5 per sq'. Now that same land is between $9-11 per sq' $15 if it's beach front. (WOW) The reason for that is because the machine that makes land, broke down years ago :) Spanish Wells is about 2 miles long and half a mile wide. There is a bridge that connects to a longer Island "Russel Island" that's about 4 miles long. There is allot of raw land there for sale. It might be be a lil to late now to buy, but I'm sure the price is only gonna go up, because there is a multi million dollar project happening on an Island just west of Spanish Wells, called "Royal Island" This is no doubt going to increase the price of property. Some lots of land as already sold for up to 13 million!! and the infrastructure hasn't even been completed yet. Just go on line and google Spanish Wells Bahamas. I still own my property on the Island that I bought in 1990 for around $120K, today I could give some one a deal for $500K. How's that for your ROI? Shoot me an email if you want any info, I know everybody on the Island, and could hook you up with out going through a Realtor.....



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